Nobody watching

Poorts Offer the Internet to dated Sports Bars

Satellite feeds and a bazillion screens in sports bars is getting old. Poorts are a new option that bring the Internet, warts and all, into these adult facilities. But the real attraction may be how they sound, collectively, compared to canned music.

Women in Cambodia

Women as Micro-ISPs: Poorts for the Poor?

Shanty towns for our species are now shanty cities, with one in Nigeria holding an estimated 70 million people! These desperately poor souls must be granted some options for escaping such misery, and Internet access is a service that can be delivered responsibly by women.


The Spraypainted WiFi Graffiti We Need

It is becoming more evident each day that WiFi is a species treasure. If this nanotechnology proves out, it’s a revolution akin to radio itself.


Newest 802.11ac WiFi promises blazing Poorts

If you point an 802.11ac router at a Poort using a compatible tablet, the throughput could approach 1 Gb/sec.



The Elusive Kitchen Computer

Music in the kitchen has been some time in coming, then arrived all at once – as the Internet.

A Poort Invites You

Poorts Introduce Full Internet Tablets for Restaurants, Bars

Poorts force hospitality executives to rethink tablet deployment completely. The Poort’s low overhead and full web access have reset the boundaries to include advanced entertainment and reservation features.

Poort Counter Computer

Counter Culture: Poorts Upgrade iPads to Audio and Movie Appliances

Poort’s enclosure and speaker for the iPad and 10″ tablets transforms kitchens into an entertainment area, and cooking into a multimedia ballet. A window on the richness of the Web, a Poort is a reliable companion that works and plays alongside you.

Poort Counter Computer

Counter Computer Retires iPads

A Poort housing transforms 10″ tablets into a fixed entertainment and Web portal, especially over counter areas. Its low cost and strong audio make it an affordable and intriguing option anywhere.

Poort Modular Housing

Design Advantages of the Poort

A Poort introduces a new device category, whose functions derive from its physical design.

Wireless News


New FCC chairman Tom Wheeler starts term on pro-consumer note

No mention of WiFi, which has to be disconcerting. The Telcos will not want community access to be expanded.


Community Wireless Networks Gain Traction

Free Internet, yes, with interesting security aspects. This NYT article is a resource directory for firing one up locally.


New USB standard will see 10w go to 100w

Things are going the Poort’s way. The humble USB cable is part of an electrical revolution that will make power supplies greener and cheaper – especially for solar.