Design Advantages of the Poort

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Poort Modular Housing

Early Poort Modular Housing

Features of a Poort™ Device

  • Does not claim counter space or add to cable clutter
  • Conceals charging adapters, connectors and entire outlets
  • Can be securely mounted on high value, impervious surfaces without drilling
  • Aesthetic and protective design also improves electrical safety (e.g. no dual kitchen circuit needed)
  • All connectors remain clean and available in dirty environments
  • Very low 5V voltage  and <10W power consumption
  • No extra phone bills, can connect to cellphones via WiFi, Bluetooth, Skype etc.
  • Phone models with 3G, 4G versions with WiFi, Bluetooth, and NFC are available
  • Always charged up and all services, display can be always on
  • Can drive nearby or high end speakers, even home theatres via Bluetooth
  • Cleanly recyclable,  its rigid and injection moulded casing will last a lifetime
  • Re-purposes older tablets, extends the functions of new ones, as full-fledged computers and voice phones when desired
  • Manages 4G/LTE from a fixed origin/topology that allows a home or business to be called, as a house phone
  • Can serve the Internet to low income homes and workplaces using community spectrum and solar-level power in developing countries
  • Ideal for adding value and services to restaurant booths, waiting rooms, rural properties, yacht screens, RVs.
  • Configurable for multiple users and commercial NFC/POS environments requiring appliance permanence
  • A distinct and novel platform for accessing apps and media (e.g. Apple, Amazon, Google, Microsoft ecosystems and content distribution)
  • Can be dismounted and used around the premises for 3-5 hours like a bare tablet


As the flood of tablets into the market continues, a Poort’s (one time) cost will become progressively lower. Used iPads, that were heavy and ran hot, run perfectly well as Poorts.

The very low power consumption is ideal for raising living standards in high-solar regions off the grid, or in unorganized “shanty towns” within the developing world.

This superset of attributes rises far beyond its tablet component – the Poort is indeed a versatile new visitor that will be with us for many years to come.

Poort trademarks and multiple patents pending 
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