Counter Culture: Poorts Upgrade Tablets to Web Appliances

Feb 8th, 2015 | By | Category: Poorts

A Poort Takes Command of Bluetooth Speakers

Poort’s enclosure kit offers a completely new form factor that converts tablets into robust workstations. Its austere presence above counters is by itself compelling, with its brilliant display and tidiness. But it is the distributed audio and continuous charging functions that set it apart from other tablet mounting schemes.

It conceals cable clutter and the entire outlet itself, for a distinctive, aesthetic appearance. It becomes an appliance that leaves counters clear.

A Poort can vitalize a wide range of kitchens, work counters, restaurant booths etc. and be a fixed automation controller.

The Poort’s impressive host of features continues:

  • Since tablets utilize WiFi and consume less than ten watts themselves, they draw little power and don’t create Internet bills. This makes them ideal for any location, including kitchens, solar, cottage, marine displays or in the developing world.
  • Older tablets such as early iPads, which had limited battery life, ran hot, were heavy and thick – none of these limitations exist when they are gracefully “retired” to take up duty as a “counter computer”.
  • Mounting without drilling. A Poort can be hung in any of four orientations, using thin screws along tile seams, or using industrial adhesive tape, for nondestructive installs on expensive tile or stainless backsplashes.
  • Poorts do not take up precious counter space, and are protective in dirty environments. Ideal as house or business phones (Samsung S2).

Whether as a 9.7″ webstation for videos and music, partner for AI assistants, or as an advanced iPad Pro or Samsung S kitchen or business phone – having a fixed web portal revives keeping communications front and center.

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