PoortSide Offers Cafes, Diners Unique Event Hosting

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Cafe owners depend on repeat patronage by satisfied regulars – it is their core goodwill. Great food and service are paramount of course, but increasingly it is the Web that is the prime driver for group or business visits.

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How can net-savvy customers become aware of a cafe’s offerings, without expensive mobile advertising schemes?

Google’s Hangouts enables social conference calling by creating shared events online. Hangouts™ has strong promise, like WiFi, as an activity customers may come to enjoy. However, it organizes digital events in cyberspace, not in your facility per se.  Poortside marries virtual get-togethers to seats in your location, by simple web registration.

How PoortSide Works

Your customers see a browse-and-book webpage that displays your existing  events and bookings in a detailed Google Calendar™. They can reserve space for one person, or for a group and topic, as they decide.

You see a webpage that allows you to edit that calendar – including the events, discussion topics of your creation or by your customers. You can confirm their reservations.

A screen capture of a PoortSide Calendar

Google Calendar

The “AllSports Bar & Grill” is a sports-themed restaurant in an ethnically Italian part of a large city, and is reserving four of its six Poort booths, to be reliable and consistent gathering places for fans of the forthcoming Soccer World Cup 2014.

The cafe edits its own Calendar remotely, from a log-in webpage on Poort.ca.  By spot-advertising in local media, the neighborhood can be advised of the topics available, with an invitation to enjoy the new Poort devices. The topics can also be discovered by searching across all events at all participating locations. Cultivating and hosting the topical interests of your clientele feeds you regulars and showcases your facility.

Public Reservations of tables and topics is the key revenue engine – alerting individuals with a defined interest.  PoortSide differentiates your business from its competitors transparently, allowing you to nail down your neighborhood before the doors open.

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Cutting Edge, Low Cost

No Cost for Users  There is never any charge to the public for reserving or using Poorts.  They are in effect booking catered meeting facilities for free, with a capability of holding Skype/Hangout conference calls, again free. This will be the way to do lunch, or host a business get-together.

Very Low Operating Costs  A Poort draws under 10 Watts, and puts to work the  WiFi that most hospitality venues now offer (no added phone bills).

Poort Flexibility  You can install your own apps and links, or let your regulars do it – a Poort can be reset in minutes. For audio, its speaker bar can play softly or raise a real commotion – individual choice.  A Poort’s familiar, standard interface turns strangers into instant regulars, and its available NFC (Near Field Communications) and multi-user features allow any customer to feel immediately at home with their own settings – just by tapping. Your Poort network will exploit the emerging services enabled by WiFi and smart POS devices, to an increasing degree.

More Information sales@poort.ca or call 888 454-9941


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